One of OKECA’s main functions is to inspire trust to the general public when they use one of its members to perform a clean. Our Code of Practice is followed by all our Members and their agreement to adhere to it is one of the main prerequisites for a company or sole trader to become a Member.

OKECA’s Code of Practice

  1. It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure that they maintain a high level of professionalism at all times
  2. It is the responsibility of each Member to understand, train on and follow Health & Safety practices to protect themselves and their clients.
  3. All Members must have valid business liability insurance with at least £1,000,000 cover in place and up to date. Members found without a valid liability insurance will be immediately expelled from OKECA until they can prove that they have valid liability insurance.
  4. All Members must have a valid basic DBS Check. Applicants who cannot provide a DBS Check will be removed from our Directory immediately. You can obtain a Basic DBS Check from the UK Government at this link. There is a fee for that, payable to the Government, but we feel this is only fair, given that a Membership with OKECA is completely free.
  5. All Members must provide a photo of themselves and/or all customer facing employees of the company who visit people’s homes. The photo(s) will be published in their listing so visitors and potential clients can confirm that the person visiting them is indeed a company employee or owner. Members who refuse to provide a photo will be removed from our Directory immediately.
  6. All Members must have at least one website where potential customers can see their reviews. This can be TrustPilot, Checkatrade, Google, Facebook etc. or at least 5 independent reviews on the company website from clients not associated with the company in any other capacity.
  7. All Members must advertise and promote their services accurately and concisely, making their pricelist clear and unambiguous to the client. Prices must be quoted in advance to the client. Businesses quoting clients and then claiming additional hidden costs, go against the Code of Practice OKECA adheres to.
  8. Members who are asked by the public for service / business recommendations in a different area than the one they operate in, must always recommend OKECA Members first. This promotes the healthy expansion of OKECA and benefits all its members greatly.
  9. Members are expected to participate in OKECA initiatives that promote the scopes of professional oven, kitchen and extraction cleaning.

Acceptance of all the above is required for your Membership to be approved.